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The Pink Cat celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Here’s the Pink Cat by Jérémy Taburchi celebrating its 20th anniversary! And yes, twenty years in the service of creation, originality and Art. During this period, collectors from Nice and the surrounding area were able to appreciate the adventures of the mischievous feline, sometimes presented in paintings, sometimes in sculpture, and even sometimes in comic strips, or on digital media. The numerous and always successful exhibitions have allowed a wide audience to encounter the artist’s work and appreciate it.

For the future, the Pink Cat will continue to explore all the avenues available to it, in particular those relating to sculpture and bronze, since this is currently what is keeping its creator very busy, through works such as the Chabondance (photo below), or through the reinterpretation of the great myths of antiquity, in particular the Greek myths.

In the meantime, let’s all wish Pink Cat a happy birthday!


Les 20 ans du Chat Rose
Les 20 ans du Chat Rose
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