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The Pink Cat celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Here’s the Pink Cat by Jérémy Taburchi celebrating its 20th anniversary! And yes, twenty years in the service of creation, originality and Art. During this period, collectors from Nice and the surrounding area were able to appreciate the adventures of the mischievous feline, sometimes presented in paintings, sometimes in sculpture, and even sometimes in comic strips, or on digital media. The numerous and always successful exhibitions have allowed a wide audience to encounter the artist’s work and appreciate it.

For the future, the Pink Cat will continue to explore all the avenues available to it, in particular those relating to sculpture and bronze, since this is currently what is keeping its creator very busy, through works such as the Chabondance (photo below), or through the reinterpretation of the great myths of antiquity, in particular the Greek myths.

In the meantime, let’s all wish Pink Cat a happy birthday!


Les 20 ans du Chat Rose
Les 20 ans du Chat Rose
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An innovation in the field of Nice Cougourdons!

We knew the work of Jérémy Taburchi on the subject with his “Cougourdons 3D” printed in 3D on his printer. The result was a plastic cougour, with a satin appearance, and produced in white or pink tones. Here he is improving the technique by now offering Cougourdons from Nice printed in 3D “metal”. The objects in the end are made of solid aluminum and are gilded with fine gold. A good gift idea for calabash collectors, while waiting for the famous Cougourdons Festival 2019 in the Gardens of Cimiez. Who does not have his Cougourde is not nissart!

Un Cougourdon niçois 3D métal doré à l’or fin

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A work by Jérémy Taburchi at Laure Matarasso

Discover in the article below a very cheering news for Jeremy Taburchi’s The Pink Cat, who will now be represented at the Galerie Laure Matarasso at 46 Boulevard Risso (in the passage) in Nice. You are cordially invited to discover this historical place of the book, the printmaking and the Modern and Contemporary Art.

Le Chat Rose à la Librairie Galerie Laure Matarasso

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The School of Nice and the Pink Cat

The School of Nice (l’École de Nice) does a lot of talking, especially in a city where the chat has an undeniable cultural value. Nice can boast of having been the birthplace or time work of renowned artists, who have forever marked the modern art of the twentieth century. It is undoubtedly that the city Nissart had something particular, of intimately different, which made this creative abundance. In other, more pictorial streams, some artists were able to talk about the unique light that bathes the shores of the Côte d’Azur. But this is not what allowed the emergence of so many creators. It is much more I think in the cultural and social environment that reigned then and which made cross plastic artists with different backgrounds but all found themselves as involved in the international modernist current (and especially American) of the time. The universe of Pop Art, Narrative Figuration, New Realism, Fluxus or Support / Surfaces, is a certain permeability, even a creative agitation that is in question. Because at the end of the 50s, the artist is not for some time already cloisonné to his canvas in his studio, nor imprisoned in the patience that imposes the composition of a landscape in situ. War has been misfortune, place now for Freedom and happiness! And this is strongly felt in all the artistic wealth of the time.

Dessin de presse de l'eau sur mars

The Pink Cat for its part walks galleries galleries in Nice in Menton, through Saint-Paul de Vence and Monaco, also enjoying the serenity offered by the happiness of this mountainous coastline blessed by the Gods. It has built an identity by bathing in this rich culture, both local, traditional, perhaps I should say territorial, but also an international culture: the trend of the time that has greatly globalized human exchanges . Born in the early 2000s of the desire to imitate all these legendary characters I admired in the comic strips at the end of the Herald Tribune, the facetious feline has built an original identity, both Here and there.

If you like it and if you want to discover more, I invite you to browse the pages of this site. You will discover perhaps a work that will please you!

Jérémy Taburchi

Cat Of Liberty - Yellow Colour de Jérémy Taburchi
Cat Of Liberty – Yellow Colour de Jérémy Taburchi