Decoration advice

Here are some ideas to decorate your home with my art work. I have done plenty of small canvas sizing 20x20cm. They can be arranged as an array (see below), it’s the best way to proceed ! Like this you get a “coloured pixel” feeling of your wall. These kind of installation is called a “Pink Cat Wall”.

The best measures within 2 canvas is 20cm horizontally and 10cm vertically.

Exemple d'arrangement d'un Mur de Chats Roses.
Exemple of a Pink Cat wall.
Disposition des tableaux de Taburchi.
Some cavans of Taburchi.
Une autre façon de disposer des toiles du Chat Rose sur les murs.
Antoher way to arrange the paintings.
Divers formats sont possibles.
Various sizes are available.
Vue en perspective d'un Mur de Chats Roses.
Perspective view of a Pink Cat wall.
Vue d'ensemble d'une disposition de tableaux de Jérémy Taburchi.
Large view of various Pink Cat walls.

Copyright pictures © Hugues Lagarde.