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An order for a bronze sculpture of Saint Rita

Do you know that I am open to any proposal if you have a particular subject to achieve? Of course, before I agree to produce the work, whether it be a painting or a sculpture, the subject must please me and inspire me, which is not always the case… I I thus more often refused the work that I was offered than I accepted them. Nevertheless in recent months I met an amateur of my works who offered me to work on an ex-voto: this nice character having been the victim of a rather serious accident, he wanted to give thanks to Saint Rita, patroness of the causes desperate, to thank her for her recovery. So we worked together on the subject, remotely, and once he was satisfied with the result, I got in touch with the Guyot Creste Foundry in Vallauris so that he could make a bronze, a unique piece. You can discover the result of the melting, before patina, on the photos below.


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