Les dialogues du Jour et de la Nuit


These “Dialogues” are a collection of thoughts, notes and poems, which the author wrote down in his digital notebooks between two thousand and sixteen and March two thousand and twenty, that is to say until the beginning of first covid-related lockdown. Consisting of short texts, they are interested in all kinds of subjects, from which several themes appear: philosophy, psychology, politics, technology, the arts and Nature. Nature in particular occupies a good part of the pages of this book, proof if there is one of its importance within contemporary culture. In the age of the Internet and social networks, where it is necessary to express oneself first, then possibly to reflect afterwards, taking the time for meditation, silence and boredom, becomes essential if one wants to keep what makes our poetic sense alive, the only one capable of re-enchanting the world. What would we therefore have better to do, we humans, faced with the torrent of the century which persists in ravaging all the territories of the sensitive?

Jérémy Taburchi was born in Nice in 1974. Visual artist, painter, cartoonist and writer, his work spans several fields, including Nature, a theme particularly present in this book. Also initiator of the Revue Lou Can, the artist thus affirms once again his desire to put books, literature, poetry and philosophy back at the heart of the debate of ideas.

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218 pages.


ISBN 978-2-9562186-1-6.


Printed in France.

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