A Cougourdon 3D metal gilded with fine gold


The Cougourdon (or Cougourde) is an institution in Nice: it even has its party in April in the gardens of Cimiez. This calabash made by Jérémy Taburchi was printed in 3D “metal” and is made of solid aluminum. She was then gilded with fine gold. Who does not have his Cougourde is not Nice!

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A Cougourdon from Nice printed in 3D “metal” (solid aluminum) and gilded with fine gold.

Body height about 4cm, height of the stem about 4cm.

All the stems are different.

Slight imperfections due to metal work and gilding may appear.

A protective varnish was brought to the object.

Also available on a black Plexiglas base.

Slight delivery times may be expected.

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